Towering over them as they pass by,
Proud, erect, powerful.
His slender frame,
Blocking the rays falling down.

Blue fades into yellow into orange into black.

His body fading into the midnight frame.
A slight hum fills the air.
Flickering to life,
So far above the frosted pavement.

His head, pronounced.
Emanating scintillant beams,
Deep into the night sky.

2/2/17 // 9:30 pm


Everything Your Life Could Be

I sit and wait, humbly before the future.
What will become of my life?
Who will enter my world?

I’m ready and eager for it all to begin.
Where is the fuse?
Where is my light?

Off in the distance it shines, yearning for escape.
Where are you?
What will you do next?

1/30/2017 // 10:10 pm

Everything Your Life Could Be